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Date: Sun, 02.01.22 00:01
WhisperNet Application
Whisper-Echo-Net Application

Your BBS Name :
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Real Name :
Sysop Handle :
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Telnet Address :
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(i.e. BinkP, Argus, IREX, Radius, Taurus, etc.Wink
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Save and send this application via E-mail to:

Jon Justvig @ WHQ HUB : 316:36/1
Dan Richter @ QWK HUB

I'll respond to your application as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for your interest in Whisper-Echo-Net!
--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 (Linux/64)
* Origin: Raiders Inc BBS -- (1:298/25)


This forum contains echomail areas hosted on Nightmare BBS You can browse local echomail areas, italian fidonet areas and a selection of international fidonet areas, reading messages posted by users in Nightmare BBS or even other BBSs all over the world. You can find file areas too (functional to fidonet technology). You can browse echomail areas and download files with no registration, but if you want to write messages in echomail areas, or use fidonet netmail (private messages with fidomet technology), you have to register. Only a minimal set of data is required, functional to echomail and netmail usage (name, password, email); a registration and login with facebook is provided too, to allow easy registration. If you won't follow rules (each echomail areas has its own, regularly posted in the echomail), your account may be suspended;