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From: Lee Lofaso (2:203/2)
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Date: Fri, 18.12.20 00:40
Fake News Denial
Hello Aaron,

AT>>> even though Ric Grenell(R) is an openly gay REPUBLICAN and was
AT> appoint
LL>> by
AT>>> Trump as Director of National Intelligence.

AT> Ok, I'll take your word for it because Google is NOT my friend.

Doesn't matter. The Director of National Intelligence is still not
a Cabinet-level position.

AT> But I still stand by what I said about the brainwashing.

There are only 15 Cabinet-level positions. The Director of National
Intelligence is not one of them.

AT> The New York Times makes it sound like "At last, a gay person will be a
AT> member of the president's cabinet."

There are no openly gay members of the president's Cabinet.
Of course, Log Cabin Republicans would love to have one of their
own serve in one of those positions. But you know as well as I
do how homophobic bad orange man is about gays and lesbians -
and trans.

AT> But they're making it sound like no Republican, especially not Trump, had
AT> ever sought to employ a gay man whether it be by nomination or by
AT> appointment.

Whatever gives you that idea? Log Cabin Republicans have been around
for quite a while. And the NYT is very much aware of that.

AT> The point of my rant is that Trump's token gay guy was appointed prior to
AT> Joe Biden's soon-to-be appointee.

Secretary of Transportation is a real Cabinet-level position.
Director of National Intelligence is not.

AT> And, Republicans have ended gay slavery, not Democrats.

Barney Frank is not a member of the Log Cabin Republicans.
And neither is Pete Buttigieg.


It Ain't Payday If It Ain't Nuts In Your Mouth

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