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From: Lee Lofaso (2:203/2)
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Date: Thu, 17.12.20 06:59
Fake News Denial
Hello Aaron,

AT> Some of our liberal fido friends don't believe me when I say that liberal
AT> news twists the truth, omits the truth, and publishes fake news.

AT> Here's an example that's easy enough to prove:

AT> The New York Times(D) is referring to Pete Buttigieg(D) as "The first
AT> gay cabinet member,"

Secretary of Transportation, if confirmed by the Senate.

AT> even though Ric Grenell(R) is an openly gay REPUBLICAN and was appointed
AT> Trump as Director of National Intelligence.

Here is a list of the 15 Cabinet-level positions -

1. State
2. Treasury
3. Defense
4. Justice
5. Interior
6. Agriculture
7. Commerce
8. Labor
9. Health and Human Services
10. Housing and Urban Development
11. Transportation
12. Energy
13. Education
14. Veterans Affairs
15. Homeland Security

Sorry. Didn't see your guys name, or his office, on that list.

AT> Big deal right? Not the story you wanted to hear? But why not?

The NYT article was spot on. Had all the facts right.

AT> Isn't it obvious that the left wants to brainwash people into thinking
AT> Joe Biden/The Crats will be the first to appoint a gay cabinet member?

The evidence speaks for itself. As far as anybody knows, Pete
Buttigieg is the first openly gay person to have been nominated
for a Cabinet-level position. He should easily be confirmed.

AT> Ric Grenell(R) - 1st gay guy appointed to cabinet level position & BY

It is not a Cabinet-level position.

The Secretary of Transportation is, and Mayor Pete is going to have
a gayer time.

AT> Stop believing fake news! They're brainwashing you!!

Google is your friend.


Dieting doesn't work, Weight Watchers does

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