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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Sun, 02.01.22 11:09
conversion between lossless codecs
Hello Wilfred van Velzen!

** On Sunday 02.01.22 - 16:37, Wilfred van Velzen wrote to August Abolins:

AA>> From that, I gained confidence that AppleLossless is
AA>> quite fine for "archiving"...

WvV> For archiving you will have to consider: can it be
WvV> decoded in 10, 20, 30, ... years. Will there be hardware
WvV> + software available that can do that.

For 10 years, I'm not too worried. For 20, maybe. For 30, I'll
probably be too old to care. ;) Nobody else needs to own my
audio treasure except me.

WvV> AppleLossless probably isn't opensource, Flac is. Apple
WvV> can go bankrupt, Flac can't! ;)

Apple can't render my existing iTunes program inoperative. So,
I'm fine with that. The iTunes prog only complains about
access and requires a login only when you click on the "Store"

Besides.. I can always transcode the AppleLossless to FLAC
using something else.

--- OpenXP 5.0.51
* Origin: (2:221/1.58)


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