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From: Allen Prunty (1:2320/100)
To: All
Date: Mon, 19.06.17 04:21
Re: Apology
By: Lee Lofaso to Allen Prunty on Fri Jun 16 2017 12:02 am

AP>> Can you find a link to the "bad" performace???


LL> You asked for it.

Yes I did and it confirms that there is an Autotuned version out there.

LL> Lots of students at LSU audition to sing the national anthem, but few
LL> are chosen. And even then, some screw up. But with a live tiger in a
LL> cage just a few feet away, students make sure to hit all the right
LL> notes, at the right time. Smile

I would hope so...sing it right or the tiger eats you... hell of an
incentive. When I auditioned and got my scholarship I auditioned with Nessun
Dorma. Granted it was at firstjust for a basic choir scholarship I ended up
getting a full ride... and back in the day I did many national anthem
performances... I still am asked occasionally.

As for the bad performance above... I'm embarrassed someone in the mainstream
would even do that. It's not just singing a song as a performance it is an
HONOR to be asked to sing the national anthem.


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