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From: Allen Prunty (1:2320/100)
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Date: Mon, 12.06.17 02:40
The lesser of two evils?
Re: The lesser of two evils?
By: Bill McGarrity to Allen Prunty on Thu Jun 08 2017 02:34 pm

BM> Right now natural gas is cheaper than coal so where is your justification?

Actually Natural Gas in my region is much more expensive than electricity when
it was generated from Coal. When the plants went from coal to NG the price of
electricity went up 40%.

BM> His business is his name. He doesn't provide any mfg. It's a smoke screen.
BM> He'll do nothing for the coal industry other than give the owners of the
BM> mines subsidies and extra tax breaks. Right now there are anywhere between
BM> 50-65,000 jobs in the coal industry and falling fast. Renewable energy is
BM> over 300,000 and growing. If I can remember correctly, wind turbine
BM> maintenance is the leader in both growth and pay. Median salary is a
BM> little over $52,000/year. Coal miner is $50,000/year. I'm not sure I'd
BM> want a job that creates the health risk that pays less than another energy
BM> producing job with a tenth of the risk.

The president is the biggest smoke and mirrors job you have ever seen... there
are two things you won't find in my region.. Wind Turbines (it's too
unpredictable either we have too much wind or it's stifiling hot with no breeze
whatsover) and solar panels (too many hills, and clouds).

Had one neighbor that had a solar panel roof... installed it and within three
weeks had baseball sized hail... insurance claim fixed it. Then we had another
major storm and it did not get damaged as bad but they had to fix it... then we
had major ice storm the next winter the weight of the snow and ice broke the
panels... their insurce fixed it the third time and cancelled them.

Now they have a hard time finding another company to write them a policy.
Weather has been pretty calm this year so far (knock on wood).

As for Trump the scary thing to me is not that he doesn't know what he is

The thing that scares the hell out of me is that he just may know EXACTLY what
he is doing.


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