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From: Joacim Melin (2:221/242)
To: All
Date: Mon, 23.11.20 07:31
(no subject)
LL> I can't believe the moderator did what he did.
LL> But he did, so I have to believe it.

LL> He done it.
LL> He really done it this time.
LL> And you know what that means.

LL> Synopsis of events leading to this -

LL> Mike Powell had a spat with Joacim Melin
LL> on 11/19/20. And the conversation did not
LL> end well.

LL> To the best of my knowledge, nobody outside
LL> of Sweden has ever won this challenge.

>>> 4. I don't believe most republicans are idiots, only people like
MP>> yourself who a
>>> parently stopped thinking for yourself years ago and instead believed
MP>> everythin
>>> Trump and the MAGA camp feed you. I understand it's easier but trust
MP>> me, the r
>>> st of the world sees what your one-term president is doing and we are
MP>> collectiv
>>> ly shaking our heads and sighing.

MP>> Dial it back, get off your high horse, and start over. Also remember tha
LL> t
MP>> I was not the originator of the conversation you were responding to that
MP>> started this conversation.

LL> Mike really should have known better than to challenge a Swede.
LL> Especially since the Swede is playing on his own turf.

>>> Now, you can dismiss me as a leftist european, which only shows that
MP>> you have n
>>> idea how the political spectrum in europe actually looks like. Also,
MP>> europe co
>>> sists of 44 countries. That's not 44 states in a united europe, it's
MP>> actually 4
>>> soverign nations with their own laws, partys, traditions and all that.
MP>> I would
>>> not for one second claim to understand everything that goes on in the othe
LL> r
>>> 43
>>> ountries outside my own, but neither should you since you clearly have
MP>> no grasp
>>> of how any of our countries work.

MP>> I could say the same thing about the US and you. We are a soverign natio
LL> n
MP>> and you likely don't know a whole lot about what goes on over here, eithe
LL> r.
MP>> Our states have their own rules and laws, too, and have varying levels of

MP>> desire when it comes to Federal intervention in local affairs.

LL> Mike still hasn't learned what happens when challenging a Swede.

MP>> Why don't you post something about politics and events in your home count
LL> ry
MP>> or the EU in general and enlighten us? We do have other members from oth
LL> er
MP>> countries, and most of them can do that. Example: We've heard a little
MP>> about
MP>> what Sweeden is up to re: COVID. What are they doing? Is it working?

LL> Mike is pushing it. Really pushing it ...

>>> See - that's 27 lines wasted on someone who will dismiss me as a communist

>>> left wing gay loving european because you can't stop drinking the Cool
>>> Aid.

MP>> No, I currently dismiss you as a troll and a hypocrite. Your posts are
MP>> no more constructive than those who troll from the right. You are a reas
LL> on
MP>> this is "Fight-o-net" and I can see why you have trouble getting along wi
LL> th
MP>> anyone.

MP>> Please, prove me wrong.

LL> Uh-oh. Now comes the punch. The big punch. Knockout blow.

LL> This is an invitation for Mike Powell to try the fermented
LL> herring for the first time. How he chooses to do so is completely
LL> up to him. But I recommend that he does it outdoors. Some folks
LL> just open the can, and concede right on the spot. While others
LL> go so far as to actually eat it.

LL> Bon appetit!

Of course he has to try it. All should try it and if they live to talk about it
they have a lifetime of bragging rights.

I tried it and it did not end well. My mom and grandmother both claim that

that often at christmas, it's more a fall thing. Instead we have herring in
jars with different kinds of vegetables and other things in the jar and also
something called Janssons Temptation (the name of the dish will probably be a
problem for the american christian right) which contains potatoes, onions and
other things

Again not a favourite of mine but my wife really likes it.

--- NiKom v2.5.0
* Origin: Delta City (, Vallentuna, Sweden) (2:221/242.0)


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