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From: Allen Prunty (1:2320/100)
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Date: Wed, 21.02.18 20:54
FidoGazette Vol 11 no 27 Page: 8
Re: FidoGazette Vol 11 no 27 Page: 8
By: Janis Kracht to Allen Prunty on Thu Aug 10 2017 10:56 am

JK> I'd love to hear it if you able to get some video of it. Smile Good luck with
JK> that performance, I expect your friends will enjoy it a great deal Smile

Video is somewhere with one of my family members. I haven't checked in for a
while I've just not had much of a chance between physical therapy, pain
management and all.

A couple weeks after the state fair I was in an automobile accident that messed
my back and neck up bad. I've seen my last days singing at the fair, or
anywhere. I am able to walk and get around now and the worst of the pain is in
my neck, shoulder and right arm.

I can't bend over to pick anything up without nearly passing out. I'm getting
up and out more. Problem is with the MG I just can't go out around people
during the flu season, it could kill me.

I'm fortunate, but hopeful that I can come back a bit more each day. Getting
hellatiously tired at the moment. Wish I had a decent laptop.


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