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From: Allen Prunty (1:2320/100)
To: All
Date: Thu, 10.08.17 08:35
FidoGazette Vol 11 no 27 Page: 8
Re: FidoGazette Vol 11 no 27 Page: 8
By: Janis Kracht to Allen Prunty on Wed Jul 26 2017 03:38 pm

JK> I'll see what I can find out about Tony.. Btw, hope you are a bit better
JK> now. Over here we'll be luck to hit 75F today Sad.. darn where the heck is
JK> summer Sad

I am a bit better now... I've been down a bit due to polycythemia... they could
not pull blood from me because my iron level was too low... the hematologist
was baffled because he never encounterd a situation where someone was anemic
with too many red blood cells. After two IV Iorn infusions I finally got that
up enough and they pulled red blood cells out. Now that my blood is better I'm
feeling cooler.

State fair is next week and I may be peforming on stage at the request of
friends in the community hopefully I'll have video this time.


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