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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.73)
To: All
Date: Thu, 23.12.21 08:16
On 2021 Sep 08 12:30:00, you wrote to All:

DS> Are bulletins from W1AW being posted here??

no they aren't... you may, though... yes, i know you have already been doing it
and yes, i know this reply is ""months"" late Smile

DS> If not, I can start posting of such (done via a batchfile on the

FWIW: the following is the last set of rules i posted to this echo... i never
got around to removing the area from the backbone... maybe i'll get around to
posting a newer updated set of rules one day...

----->8 snip 8<-----

NOTE: This echo will be shutting down and removed from the backbone
some time in the next weeks or months. Please redirect all
traffic to the HAM echo.

Conference rules for the LS_ARRL echo: rev. 18 Aug 18
Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.

Welcome to the LS_ARRL echomail conference.

This echomail conference is for the dissemination of bulletins and
information of interest to radio amateurs. Primary sources are
bulletins produced by the American Radio Relay League, Newington, Ct.

Bulletins of general ham radio interest are welcome.

Discussion of items posted in this conference should be conducted in
other echoes of interest to radio hobbyists. This echo is for the
dissemination of bulletins and news only. The moderator will post an
information file quarterly detailing all known Fidonet file
distribution and echomail conferences of interest to radio amateurs
and radio hobbyists.

IF you offer a Fidonet service of interest to radio hobbyists and don't
see it included in this quarterly posting, but would like it to be send
netmail to the moderator and describe the service you offer. If an
echomail conference not available via various backbone systems please
tell those interested where to link in. Otherwise, give the reader
enough information to get started using your service.

Mark Lewis : moderator
Richard Webb, NF5B : moderator emeritus

----->8 snip 8<-----

a moderator, LS_ARRL

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