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From: Kai Richter (2:240/77)
To: All
Date: Thu, 16.12.21 02:36
Building under Mac OSX
Hello Michael!

15 Dec 21, Michael Dukelsky wrote to Kai Richter:

KR>> Btw, is there an asciidoc to plain txt converter?

MD> What for? You may read it as any other text file.

The asciidoc standard supports many keywords that could make an asciidoc a
little bit uncomfortable to read and it could be helpful to remove that
keywords. I lost my first husky latest installation but now i can see the you
don't use that, because ten minutes ago i solved some trouble with updating my
jails system and i have a gitup clone of the new versions ready for FreeBSD
testing. That will take some time, my xmas shedule would be set up at this
weekend and my node migration doesn't have a high priority.



--- GoldED+/LNX
* Origin: Monobox (2:240/77)


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