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From: August Abolins (2:221/6)
To: All
Date: Sun, 28.02.21 19:21
Fidonet echos via your Telegram app!
Hi All!

The following Fidonet echos are available with the Telegram app for your
smartphone or tablet (and even your DESKTOP pc if you like):

ASIAN_LINK - ASIAN_LINK is a friendly international Fidonet chat echo. All are
welcome to participate.

AUDIO - FIDONET: Audio Unlimited is for the discussion of amateur and
professional audio design, techniques, equipment and anything else audio

CHAT - FIDONET: A general chat/discussion group.

COFFEE_KLATSCH - FIDONET: A general discussion echo.

DOOM - FIDONET: If you like the game DOOM, or any similar games, this echo is
for you. Topics include modem/network support (for multi-player games), playing
techniques, technical information and reviews of new levels. Other 3D games
are also on topic.

DOORGAMES - Fidonet: DOORGAMES is all about BBS door games and related
discussions. Anything related to BBS door games is on topic here. This echo is
open to both users and sysops alike.

DOS - FIDONET: General discussion on Disk Operating Systems like MS-DOS,
FreeDOS, DR-DOS and like systems. Discusion around DOSBox and DOSEMU are also
on topic.

ESSNASA - ESSNASA is a Fidonet echo for Earth & Space Science announcements and
discussion plus NASA info.

FIDONET.TELEGRAM - A place for discussing accessing Fidonet using Telegram, and
for modest experimentation. Language: English


FIDO_UTIL - FIDONET: General discussion of Fidonet-related utilities for sysops
including replacements for existing software currently abandoned by developers.

FUTURE4FIDO - FIDONET: Discussion of new and future Fidonet technologies.

MOVIES - FIDONET: Movies & TV Entertainment

MUSIC - FIDONET: Discussion of all types of music.

TAGLINES - FIDONET: Tagline discussion and swapping. Feel free to share (or
take) any taglines for use in offline readers or in any way you like.

TUXPOWER - FIDONET: Linux & related batch scripting in any language.

Supports every platform!

Telegram supports Mobile devices (Android, iOS), and the desktop (Windows, Mac,
Linux, macOS). There are also Web app versions (Web-version, Chrome app,

What it looks like on the desktop.

Sample screenshot of the Telegram desktop:

Cool factor and convenience!

You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time - your messages sync
seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers.

Get started in just 2 simple steps:

[1] Install the Telegram app of your choice (anyone of the above links will
take you to your app choices)

[2] Join any of the echos above by visiting their links!

Now supports taglines, welcome, and signatures!

Just open a chat with the Fido2telegram bot, and send a message with %HELP to
get the complete User Guide!

* Origin: nntp:// (2:221/6.0)


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