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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Mon, 28.01.19 12:34
Jan.21st 1998

JK>> On January 21st 1998 the Washington Post broke the story about the
JK>> Clinton\Lewinsky affair.

JK>> Happy anniversary mister President.

JK>Warning, Warning, Warning: No cats or dogs mentioned in message.

My sensors detect danger, Dr. Smith. <G>

JK>Anyway, there is a LOT more dirt about Trump one could bring up here since h
JK>is a disgusting DOG, and truly belongs in the 'Dog house'.

For that matter, it's on ALL of them. Apparently, some have been
taking bribes from the Mexican Drug Cartel Bosses to keep Trump from
getting a wall built.

But, whether it's on this or something else, I'm sure there's "lots of
money under the table".

If Garfield were to run for President, would he have Opie as his VP??
He could promise "lasagna in every pot". <G>

For me, I'm for Bill The Cat <TTHHPPBBTT!!> and Opus The Penguin from
"Bloom County". Razz



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