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From: Vincent Coen (2:250/1)
To: All
Date: Thu, 30.12.21 20:27
Who will be taking on the responsibilities of the filegate?
Hello Alan and everyone !

Thursday December 30 2021 11:52, you wrote to All:

> Hello All,

> First, sorry to see you go Janis. You have been a good link and friend
> for many years now.

> I am wondering where I will hatch files for the NASA. OPENXP and
> WINPOINT areas once Janis has taken her system down?

> Will someone be taking on this role?

I have sent out a msg to all z1 hubs as specified in the FILEGATE.ZXX file
regarding this and am happy to take on the FILEGATE role.

The other problem is echo distribution as I do not know who acts as a major
star hub for such.

In any event I will need to contact all File source again as shown the the
FILEGATE lists to arrange transfer to myself and also arrange to set up all
other nodes that are current connected to Janis for file and echo's.

Note for all my system ISP speeds are 210Mb down and 20Mb up so should have
enough bandwidth providing I can ensure that I do not get every one polling at
once Smile

If needed I will crash out any traffic whenever system congestion allows just
as I do now for the other downlinks.

The file are GFD is from a European source so that will not be affected how
ever that only is for OS/2 areas.

That all said file traffic is very low these days other than the stuff that
comes via NASA.

Personally North American and Atlantic weather maps is not very useful for
Europe as it is way too late to be useful and in any event there is not enough
information such as winds aloft to be really practical for forecasting at
least as a pilot.


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