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From: Vincent Coen (2:250/1)
To: All
Date: Wed, 12.05.21 13:27
Hello August!

Monday May 10 2021 08:17, you wrote to Dale Shipp:

-!- cut ----

> And the info could be gleened from an available FSXNET.NA file.

> The ELIST system could include copies of the fsxNET info kit.

> Then the ELIST echo becomes a good one-stop shop to find
> available echos.

I have no objection to include BASIC other net info archives which includes a
list of areas, and a contact list to obtain such.

While I am happy to host as I do get all of the available FIDO based one's (as
far as I know), I would prefer not to end up with too many AKA's to do so
such as nnn/10/1 where nnn is the zone for the network.

I will allow the elist system to continue using the normal ELIST.RPT as the
global list but could also do special lists for .RPT and .NA for each if
needed. Will involve some small changes to the elist code.

The idea of using ELIST to hold ALL available echos appeals to me as a one
location for ALL available echos a decision regarding the current processes
Moderator/CoMod and list time line before renewal has to be decided as at the
moment each echo has to be updated once every six months with a 4 month gap
for warnings 1 through 4 and a following 1 month grace period so 11 months in
all as a minimum.

The only benefit of this to me is to stop dead echo's remaining in list.
This has been a feature for ELIST since Dana Bell designed the original s/w
around 1994 as ECHOBASE for FamilyNet and no there is no sources available !

Although a slightly better idea would be able to check each echo for posts and
then only flag them for possible deletion if there is less than 13 posts over
year which allows for a monthly rules type posting but this assumes I have s/w
library (in C or similar) that can check my JAM message base that has all of
the listed echos available, which I have not located.

Any one with thoughts on the above,


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