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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Wed, 21.04.21 08:03
Hello mark!

** On Saturday 17.04.21 - 13:20, you wrote to me:

AA>> Can you point to a set that had some othernets?

ml> any echolist from before ben took it over, really... my site currently
ml> has echolists going back as far as 1997... adrian walker was the
ml> maintainer at that time... unfortunately looking at a few of those old
ml> lists, i do not see the network field... i think that was added later and
ml> possibly by adrian...


Thank you. For the longest time, FTP links like that wouldn't
work from you system. Now they do.

The one on TRMB (also Synchro) doesn't load.

ml> ELIST808.ZIP (Aug 1998) is the first one i see with the "GROUP" field
ml> where the network code (eg: FIDO, CFN, FMLY, ADS, etc) is listed...

Thanks for that. Then the possibly for net-owners or othernet
moderators to employ the Elist system could be usable.

An ECHOFIND system (akin to FILEFIND) would be a nice
improvement to the FTN messaging experience.

Maybe the ELIST system itself could incorporate a query
mechanism that responds via netmail.


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