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From: Vincent Coen (2:250/1)
To: All
Date: Fri, 16.04.21 14:24
Hello Janis!

Friday April 16 2021 00:45, you wrote to Dale Shipp:

>> -=> On 04-14-21 14:43, Vincent Coen <=-
>> -=> spoke to Sean Dennis about PLEASE ADD status <=-

>>> I have put an idea out to Janis to add all of the available (Fido)
>>> echo such as
>>> hosted on her system to add in to elist with myself as elistmaint
>>> as the mod with what ever little info is available to use then
>>> allow any interested parties to take over the 'mod' from me for
>>> each one.

>> There are echos for which the moderator intentionally does not want
>> the echo included in the Elist. It would be a serious mistake for
>> anyone to list them, claiming to be the moderator.

> Most definitely...

>>> Note there is no reason why the elist system cannot be used for the
>>> other networks out there as the program already (generally)
>>> supports this. Just need some minor changes to output the reporting
>>> files in the individual reporting files to match up.

>> The Elist has never been a Fidonet only listing. There were always
>> echos from other networks included. When did that change?

> It has not.

> Dale, you are quite correct on both your points.

> Sorry Vincent, I just don't see your "vision" happening.

OK, will leave it as it is - will save me a lot of work any way!


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