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From: August Abolins (2:221/6)
To: All
Date: Wed, 16.12.20 03:52
echos - a morbid curiosity
On 12/15/2020 2:00 PM, between "Wilfred van Velzen - Charles Pierson":

> Wv>> Why do we need this area anyway? Since there already is ASTRONOMY,
> Wv>> which at least had a bit of traffic over the years.
> CP> Maybe we don't. It could be that these two echos handled different in
> CP> gone by. Maybe one was strictly announcements and the other had
> CP> discussions.
> Could be. Although I think there is an other kind of distinction.
> ASTRONOMY being more the scientific area, and ASTRONET sounds more
> non scientific...

To me ASTRONET sounds more encompassing - as in "NETting" in. So, it could be
anything with ASTR/O as a prefix: astral projections, astrolabs, astrodomes,
astrophysics, etc..

> CP> The problem is that once an echo is created, it exists forever, unless
> CP> somehow every system that carries it deletes it.
> Indeed. And deleting everywhere never happens. It takes a very long
> time for dead or abondoned echos to disappear, and some never did.
> Some even get some live back in them at one point, like this one. ;)

Perhaps sysops can be encouraged to take stock of their echos at least once a
year and drop the dead ones. Couldn't the EC encourage that as part of
standard operations?

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