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From: Barry Blackford (3:774/605)
To: All
Date: Thu, 19.06.14 21:20
Binkd newbie
Hello there Bill!

21 Nov 00 at 23:29, Bill Cerchia writes to All:

BC> What I'd like is to know how anyone has it setup?

I don't but ..

BC> does each user need a seperate outbound ?

If it uses (and I think it does) the Binkley STYLE outbound then the answer is
no, here is a "picture" of my ARGUS outbound which is binkley style:


OUT for my system represents my default zone (Z3), the other numbers represent
the other zones I am active in, IN HEX32 I think it is, someone else will
probably get much more specific than I can. But that's a start for you..., an
example for you if you are only in fidonet might be something like:


Best Rgds, Bazz
* Origin: Global NetWork ARGUS IP Mailer & FTP Fidonet New Zealand (3:774/605)


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