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From: Alexander Kouznetsov (1:382/9)
To: All
Date: Thu, 19.06.14 21:20
Binkd newbie
Live long and prosper, Bill!

Once upon a time, on 21 Nov 00 23:29, you were saying to All:

BC> I just recently setup Binkd under Redhat 6.2 running kernel 2.2.16
Here is your main problem. Smile

BC> compiled it and it seems to work fine outbound but not inbound.

If you state your problem more precisely maybe I can help you.

BC> What I'd like is to know how anyone has it setup?
BC> does each user need a seperate outbound ?
BC> are you runing it from cron for polls or is it run in server mode ?

I just run mine as "$ binkd -q /etc/binkd.cfg &" at startup. This starts both
the client and the server. For polls I 'touch' the .flo's in the outbound from
cron. No ident.conf involved.

Hope this helps.

-ak- aka ecron99

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