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From: Election Coordinator (2:2/20)
To: All
Date: Sun, 09.12.12 22:49
FTSC Election, running totals
| Name | Node nr | Yes| No |
| Stas Degteff | 2:5080/102 | 20 | |
| Andrew Leary | 1:320/119 | 19 | |
| mark lewis | 1:3634/12 | 16 | 1 |
| Fred Riccio | 1:132/174 | 15 | 4 |
| Carol Shenkenberger | 1:275/100 | 16 | 1 |
| Alexey Vissarionov | 2:5020/545 | 19 | 1 |

The following RCs have voted (Chronological order)

Ullrich Schroeter RC56
Bob Seaborn RC17
Björn Felten RC20
Ross Cassell RC18
Andrew Leary RC16
Tommi Koivula RC22
Vince Coen RC25
Vladimir Donskoy RC50
Jon Justvig RC14
Joe Delahay RC12
Kurt Weiske RC10
Marc Lewis RC19
Michael Luko RC13
Torbjorn Mohn RC21
Ruedi Kneubueler RC30
Paul Quinn RC54
Torsten Bamberg RC24
Michiel van der Vlist RC28
RJ Clay RC11
Phil Kimble RC15

--- GoldED+/W32-MINGW 1.1.5-b20110320
* Origin: (2:2/20)


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