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From: August Abolins (2:221/360)
To: All
Date: Mon, 01.06.20 15:49
Where'd everyone go?
On 1/20/2011 8:55 PM, between "Kurt Weiske : All":

KW> This used to be one of the busiest and most entertaining
KW> echoes on Fidonet. Sheesh, a guy leaves the echoes for a
KW> couple of years and the place turns into a ghost town! Smile

KW> Is anyone still connected?

It appears to have been nolonger maintained with the awareness-robots that
produce the .NA .NO system.

The last post I can find is dated 2012, and it simply states "a very quiet echo

Based on an very old .NA listing that I found in the great vastness of the
internet, this echo is very similar to many of the chat echos that have since
risen it its wake:

A general chat echo with a wry twist.
This is a free speech, general chat echo Open to all, English
is the language used. topics are unlimited but keep it clean;
The rules will be furnished to anyone who requests them
from the moderator(s); they may be distilled to : Be nice
Have fun.
Status: Active
Origin: 1:3613/1275 Group:
Distribution: ZONE 1 BACKBONE, NAB, others
# Nodes: 25 Volume: 1050/mo Rules: CHAOS_LANDING.
Flags: [Has Rules]
Moderators: Terry Durfee, 1:3613/1275.6
Last changed: 3-Jan-2000 by Jack Yates, 1:3613/1275

Is it worth the trouble to re-distribute this one?

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