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From: Veer (1:396/4)
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Date: Mon, 08.06.20 06:57
Fujifilm launches 30x optical zoom camera in Indian market
From: Veer <>

Serious photographers wanting the versatility and performance of an
SLR system without the bulk or expense can now go in for the all new
Fujifilm FinePix HS10. It has a powerful class-leading 24-720mm (30x)
zoom lens that covers a uniquely versatile 24-720mm (equivalent on a
35mm camera) range from true wide-angle to ultra telephoto. From
sweeping landscapes, interiors and large group shots to distant sports
or wildlife action, the FinePix HS10 is ready for every photographic
challenge thrown at it. What's more, sophisticated photographic
controls, advanced functionality and SLR-like handling in a single
compact, affordable unit make FinePix HS10 an excellent buy.

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