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From: Nicholas Boel (1:154/10.1)
To: All
Date: Sat, 01.12.12 11:09
PQ> Hi! Nicholas,

PQ> On Sat, 01 Dec 12, you wrote to me:

NB>> @MSGID: 1:154/10 50b9cb69
NB>> @REPLY: 3:640/384 163d7104
NB>> @TID: SBBSecho 2.20-Linux r1.216 Nov 22 2012 GCC 4.5.4

NB>> Looks like I was able to get this one working as well. I even changed
NB>> the color scheme to monochrome!

PQ> V-e-r-y nice, Nick. Looks nice on this side of your monitor. Maybe you
PQ> ought not set the Origin in GoldEd? ...

That was my last post of the night, as it was 4am and I needed some sleep. Smile I
noticed that as well, which seems to be Synchronet forcing it's tear line and
origin line in there when the tosser takes care of it. Is there a clean-cut
option to disable these in Golded (I also noticed if you _don't_ use the tear
line in Golded, it will create a PID kludge with the Golded version
information, so that would be nice anyways)?

NB>> -+- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20110213
NB>> + Origin: thePharcyde_ telnet:// (Wisconsin)
NB>> (1:154/10)
NB>> -+- SBBSecho 2.20-Linux
NB>> + Origin: thePharcyde_ telnet:// (Wisconsin)
NB>> (1:154/10)

NB>> Okay okay. Sorry for all the off-topic chatter. We should really let
NB>> the RCs do their thayng. Smile

PQ> Nah. Stacks of time left. Oops. What's the due date again? ... ;-)

Hah! Tomorrow? Most people wait till the last minute anyways, so why not carry
on some conversation in the process of waiting for the results. Smile


--- Msged/LNX 6.1.2
* Origin: thePharcyde_ (1:154/10.1@fidonet)
205 Goodbye


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