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From: madodel (1:396/4)
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Date: Sun, 14.06.20 12:57
Re: LVM partition table extensions
From: madodel <>

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <J.deBoynePollard-newsgroups@NTLWorld.COM> wrote:
> My Boot Manager was already capable of taking partition names (for the
> MBR partitioning scheme) from the IBM Boot Manager MBR partition table
> extensions. Thanks to information provided by Alex Taylor, I've now
> updated it so that it uses the IBM LVM metadata, falling back to the IBM
> Boot Manager partition table extensions if the IBM LVM metadata aren't
> there. I've also updated DASDPART so that it does the same thing.
> My test systems here don't have IBM's LVM. The EFI partitioning scheme
> is the way of the future, and my test systems have EFI partition tables
> and MBR partition tables with no more than the original IBM Boot Manager
> extensions. But Dave Yeo, whom I believe has OS/2 systems with IBM's
> LVM, was going to have a go with my Boot Manager. I'm still waiting to
> hear back from him. (You'll of course now need the new Boot Manager that
> I've just made, M. Yeo.Wink I've added in the IBM LVM partition table
> support blind, and, in the absence of documentation as to the exact
> algorithm for locating the IBM LVM metadata (a point that we've discussed
> before, with reference to how something in Ubuntu tidies up container
> partitions in MBR partition tables to eliminate otherwise unusuable
> "holes" that waste space) this might require some tweaking to cover all
> possibilities, which of course I cannot do here without something to test
> against. If you want to beat M. Yeo to the finishing post, drop me a line.
> I say that the EFI partitioning scheme is the way of the future. In
> fact, it's the way of the present, if one takes off the OS/2-tinted
> glasses. The rest of the world is already going EFI, and has been for
> some several years now. (My Boot Manager and DASDPART tool already
> understand EFI partition tables.Wink So don't expect wonders in the way of
> OS/2 LVM partition table support. I'm going to work a little more on
> incorporating the IBM LVM drive letter information into things like my
> Boot Manager. But if you want an OS/2 LVM tool that will do all of the
> volume and partition management, M. Taylor is still the person to bribe, not
me. (-:

Any chance you will be at Warpstock, either in Haarlem next week or in the
US in a few months? I'd love to see a presentation on this. Between this
and your disk utilities you are doing some much needed updates for OS/2 and


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