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From: Roger Nelson (1:3828/7)
To: All
Date: Sat, 01.12.12 08:02
On Thu Nov-29-2012 11:56, Joe Delahaye (1:249/303) wrote to Carol

JD> By: Carol Shenkenberger to Alexey Vissarionov on Wed Nov 28 2012
JD> 21:25:54

> Look, Steve Winter was a bit more than an annoyance. Going on a thread
> that for me is over 14 years old on quoting is just silly. There are far
> more serious things we should be looking at.

JD> I doubt any on the other side of the pond know about Steve Winter.
JD> He was a total ass as you quite likely are aware. I know several
JD> of us had personal dealings with him

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