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From: Al Kaiser (1:142/926)
To: n/a
Date: Tue, 31.03.20 08:46
Star Trek Discovery
I just finished watching the first two seasons of Star Trek DIscovery on DVD
from Netflix.

It is NOT Gene Roddenberry's Trek! I do not think that he would have approved
of this series. First of all for the language. In all of Trek I only remember
one out and out cuss when the ship was crashing into the planet Data said "Oh
Shit!" This one has out and out swearing including the "F" word. Also open
gay kissing. The suggestion of "gaity" is OK but to have two male or female
character kiss on screen is a no-no. Also there were aliens in this series
that were never seen again in all of Trek. The whole Klingon war thing in the
first season was wrong. This Trek was supposed to be a bridge between
Enterprise with Archer and TOS with Kirk. The war with the Klingons was over
and we were in a truce, a cold war. Remember The Trouble With Tribbles? That
was the way we were with the Klingons. The Klingon makeup and laanguae was all
wrong. The Klingon home planet was wrong. The home planet in Trek was "Kling"
not Kronos. Kronos came later in the series. Finally the out and out
violence. Murder by the fedration? I think not. They made Mudd an out and
out criminal that should have been given the death sentence or at least a life
sentence. They made him a murder rather than just a scrondrel.

Spock, who was a large part of season two never had a step-sister. He had a
half brother who was never mentioned. I saw only three references to TOS one
was Mudd and the other whas when Pike picked up the future Spike and saw
himself disfigured, also Vena and the Talosians were in the mix. They tried
to get back to Trek cannon in the last two scenes in Part II of Sweet Sorrow
when they had a scene on the bridge of the Entrprise as it appease, (modernly),
when Pike was Captain and Spock was the Lt. Science Officer.

THey tried to write off all that happened over the two years by sending the
Discovery and her crew into the future. For anyone left they were resticted
"under penalty of death" of every taking or mentioning Discovery and the events
that happened in the first two seasons. Even Sarek and Amanda were self
quarrentined from talking about it calling them "Ambasadors To the Federation."
Sarek was an Ambasador, Amanda never was.

Was this a two year effort with no more seasons of Discovery? How do you have
a season 3 when Discovery and all her crew is dead or gone?

Well I'm waiting for "Picard" to come out on DVD. A friend says it is very
good and is "good Trek". Though I do have a disagrement that Data was blown
to smithereens in the last movie, but he said that Data was reconstruced from
DNA taken when they tried to disassemble him when Picard fought to call him
sentient. We'll see about that one.

Below the first and only official Discovery tagline I was able to gleen from
the series.

-=> Al Kaiser


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