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Date: Tue, 20.08.19 17:11
Star Trek: Picard
Re: Star Trek: Picard
By: Daniel to All on Tue Aug 06 2019 01:41 am

Da> It looks good but.. I don't know, Picard's supposed to be about 90 years
Da> old in the show (based on calculations made between a coworker and myself,
Da> yeah we talked about it at length). I mean, how old is too old to be
Da> captain?

I don't remember how old he was supposed to be in TNG.. I thought he looked
like he was in his 50s at the time. For the Picard show, that would make him
in his 70s. Though perhaps he is closer to 90. But who knows.. It seems
people in the Star Trek universe live longer than people today. They had an
old Dr. McCoy in an early eposide of TNG (was it the pilot?Wink.

Da> First thing I noticed is that the command bridge is far more advanced than
Da> previous incarnations. To me, it seems to have lost the flavor of star
Da> trek. I'll know when it comes out.

The Picard show will take place about 20 years after the events of Nemesis. Of
course things will look more advanced. I don't think that would be much of a

Da> I wish they would start with a new crew. 7 of 9's facial thingie borg
Da> implant looks like a silicon toy they glued on her face purchased from a
Da> star trek convention.

If it were a new crew, then it wouldn't be the Picard show.

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