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From: Eric Oulashin (1:340/7)
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Date: Wed, 17.07.19 12:02
Thought on Discovery
Re: Thought on Discovery
By: mark lewis to Eric Oulashin on Tue Jul 16 2019 10:49 pm

ML> i didn't target any specific show or movie... i said exactly what i meant
ML> to say... some HD shows/movies do not fill the screen... they have empty
ML> bands on the top and bottom... i think it is called letterbox but my
ML> understanding is that only applies to some converted entities... not those
ML> that are shot and transmitted/projected in HD...

That's true.. I think the term 'letterboxing' might refer to widescreen movies
displayed on a 4:3 screen, but I'm not sure if there is an official definition.
And even on a widescreen TV, some widescreen movies have black bars on the top
& bottom because the movie was filmed with a wider aspect ratio than the TV
(which I think you were saying as well).

ML> the situation with TNG is different... it is a non-HD show being converted
ML> to HD and retaining its original dimensions...

It seems the source material for TNG allowed for a HD transfer, just not a
widescreen conversion. I think the show looks really good on the HD blu-rays.
Aside from the fact that it's 4:3, it's almost like seeing the show as if it
were made more recently. I'd like to see Deep Space 9 and Voyager converted to
HD, but apparently they didn't sell enough of the TNG blu-ray set to justify
the cost. Also I've heard they'd need to re-do the special effects in DS9 for
HD, which would be difficult.

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