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From: Nick Andre (1:229/426)
To: All
Date: Fri, 15.11.19 01:19
D'Bridge 4 released and available
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? D'Bridge EMAIL System ?
Copyright (c) by Nick J. Andre, Ltd.


- Moving on to version 4... for Roger.

- Tossing performance should be a bit faster now, due to less disk-writes
and new cache code written from scratch that stores the most frequently-
tossed Echomail areas in memory. On modern computers you may not notice
the change, but on any legacy/old systems you should see an improvement,
especially when running on a "real" MS-DOS computer.

- Two new semaphores: DBNOTOSS.X and DBNOECHO.X, with X being the line
number, ie. DBNOTOSS.1 for line 1 (or for single-line usage). Each
will tell D'Bridge not to activate tossing or Echomail scanning; basically
disabling the mail-tosser until the semaphore is erased; assuming in
some sort of batch file for your system.

On most systems, you would use DBNOTOSS.1 or DBNOECHO.1 as the filenames.

Note that pending Echomail forwarding/scanning and any Xmail "Compress"
operations will finish first before the mail tosser is disabled by the

- A reminder, that if the above is not quite what you want, the semaphore
DBRIDGE.PTM (Processing/Tossing Mail) is created whenever D'Bridge is
busy tossing mail. The semaphore is erased when finished. Your own batch
files or scripts could check for this although you will want to use
some sort of "sleep" command or timeout between checking, ie:

if exist dbridge.ptm timeout 60
if exist dbridge.ptm goto AreWeTossingMail

In this example, the batch file waits 60 seconds between checks (on
most Windows computers)

- Rewrote some of the file I/O handler routines.

- Slight rewording in the Queue/View command.

- Slightly changed the command-line parameters to allow a specific line
to be specified while starting the Terminal.

- Slight adjustments to memory and buffer allocation for MS-DOS computers.

- A minor fix when debugging processed mail packets.

- Slightly updated help screens.

- A fix for long messages in the internal editor in VGA mode.

Nick Andre

--- Renegade vY2Ka2
* Origin: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? (1:229/426)

From: Mark Hofmann (1:261/1304)
To: All
Date: Thu, 05.12.19 22:11
Re: D'Bridge 4 released and available
Not sure the details yet, but noticed that my WWIVFTN inbound packets were not
getting exported to the nodes subscribed to the echos.

Went back to the 3.99sr45 and things are working again.

I will check the logs and see if I can get more information.

- Mark

--- WWIVToss v.1.52
* Origin: * Bel Air, MD -USA (1:261/1304.0)


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