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From: Paul Quinn (3:640/384)
To: All
Date: Fri, 30.11.12 17:28
Hi! Joe,

In a message to Nicholas Boel you wrote:

JD> @MSGID: 1:249/303 50b82f48
JD> @REPLY: 1:154/10.1 417D9CF5
JD> @PID: GED+W32 1.1.5-b20110320
JD> @TID: SBBSecho 2.12-Win32 r1.203 Oct 8 2011 MSC 1200

NB>> If you can, please inform the rest of us so it can be passed on.
JD> If it works this is from Golded+

That looks neat, Joe. And is it conforming to some specs? Or is it my
imagination running off at warp speed...

JD> -+- SBBSecho 2.12-Win32
JD> + Origin: The Lions Den BBS, Trenton, On, CDN (1:249/303)

Groovy stuff. Congratulaions!


... Old swimmers never die, they just fall off their blocks.
--- Paul's Win98SE VirtualBox
* Origin: Quinn's Post - Maryborough, Queensland, OZ (3:640/384)


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