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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Thu, 29.11.12 23:01
> Good ${greeting_time}, Carol!
> 28 Nov 2012 20:53:32, you wrote to me:
> >> The quote prefix MUST be /^[[:blank:]]*[[:alnum:]]*>+^[[:blank:]]*/
> CS> That is from the proposal right?
> Haven't you read it?

Which one? I've read them all but we do not share a common software language
so makes little impact when it's all code of a language i am not conversant

Did you really expect an Oracle SQL programmer to catch something wrong in say
HTML5. I got it that you 'want' all quoters to work your way. Obviously
they do not and since i am very accessable to you, make a nice fat target to
bitch at over it.

I am trying to be reasonable but it is hard when I've dealt with YEARS of
this crap including not having a codepage set that made everyone happy.

> CS> It's not universal nor have we told all fidonet sytems to stop
> CS> quoting messages over an editor that doesnt use that proposal
> CS> standard.
> It is, as regexes are matched using the process' locale.
> Moreover, it is used not only in Fidonet.

Of course they are, but they have other names in other perviews. :stringrid,
SUBST and such. That doesn tmean all the quoters out there support the level
you want. Of those that do, they may be lacking sufficuent english
documentation for use by those outside your native language.

> CS> The default SBBS editor is not proposal 0032 compliant either.
> CS> Should we tell all SBBS sysops they have to change software
> CS> over a proposal that is not a required standard? I think NOT.
> Should you tell those fools what to do? Of course, NO - that's useless.

I asked once for a verion of editor that was compliant and got trounced by
the SBS group. I have asked few questions since of them.

> CS> Granted SBBS can use almost any editor so any one that works for the
> CS> user's needs is there.
> Yes. Even vim may be used for that purpose - but look how it marks the quote
> using different colors:

Cute but colors are irrelevant to me.

> >> It was your editor which adds " > " in front of " YZ> " instead of
> >> simply increasing the quote level (" YZ>> "Wink. This _does_ _not_
> >> conform to common practice, and thus is annoying.
> CS> Your version of 'common practice' is apparently local to your area
> CS> of the world.
> Yes. But our "local area" (which uses this version of common practice) is ov
> 3/4 of the whole Fidonet, so our common practice appears to be also common f
> the whole Fidonet.

Cool. Enjoy it then ok?

> CS> My quote editor just adds a > and a space. Yours adds CS> and when
> CS> I quote you quoting me you get > CS> It is not that hard to figure
> CS> out is it?
> That's obvious algorithm. And (of course!Wink it's incorrect: the '>' symbols
> should be added to the end of prefix.

Fine, find the dead author and have it updated then.

> CS> If it helps any, when i started out we didnt have automated quote
> CS> headers and you had to add them then you started to see > added.
> CS> Much later you got initials.
> You've stuck in previous millenium...

No, I'm trying to explain your passion for your personal quote version isnt
universal. There's a history behind them and not all see it as an absolute
'must be exactly this way'.

Frankly, it's far more important to discuss what we want to do with IPV6
nodelistings (what they can and cant do) than worrying if someone has a space
before a > or after it on quoting.

> >> All known BBSes which produce more than 1000 messages per day use
> >> FSC-0032 quoting style.
> CS> Please list which ones you mean.
> You asked for that... Prepare to press PageDown several times:


All Russian language seems. Useful if you speak it but not universal.

I know you are proud of your R50 set and there is nothing wrong with that,
but there is a world outside it happy to talk with them when they can. They
do not expect them to change to fit the outside, but do not expect the iron
curtin of decreed 'thou shalt be exactly this way' that *seems* to happen
there to land on those of other parts of the world.

So far, the main person who gets beat up over russian version of quotings
(whit the occasional other Z2 person chiming in) is me and after 15 years of
that thread, i OBVIOUSLY am tired of it.

Lets work on somthing actually productive instead of what internal system
quote agents don't fit your personal desires ok? IE: get back to work?

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