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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.42)
To: All
Date: Thu, 29.11.12 16:49
ml>> "we" (the FTSC) only document current practise contrary to what
ml>> some documents seem to depict...
AV>> Have _you_ documented anything in recent 5 years?
ml> i have participated where i felt it was necessary for my input...

AV> Can you, please, quote several phrases from some actual document,
AV> which were suggested by you? Alas, I can't remember any (except
AV> your name in FTA-1003).

there are no such phrases... i contributed input that was used to refine some
documents that have been reviewed and worked on... that input has been taken
and, in some cases, used directly while in other cases it was slightly
modified... i don't keep count or score... that's childish... besides there are
no requirements for any more participation than what i have offered... if one
sees something they question or believe should be changed, then they offer it
otherwise they keep quiet about it...

ml> what i have not done was to use any standards or proposals to push
ml> any agendas or to browbeat others with, though... something that has
ml> become quite common in recent times for some members of the current
ml> FTSC Sad

AV> Do you think that's a real achievement? I think I can name over
AV> 1000 other sysops who haven't done that as well... Smile

yes, i do... especially when others are doing just that in this echo as well as
in other echos... even moreso when those folks are also up for selection...

what's happened in your world, alexey, to cause to to be so unpleasent and mean
like you have been recently? you didn't used to be like this...


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