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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Wed, 28.11.12 21:53
> Good ${greeting_time}, Carol!
> 27 Nov 2012 20:47:50, you wrote to Stas Degteff:
> >> Messages editor used by Carol wraped line of own early message and
> >> don't identify his line as own. In result part of Carol's text looks
> >> as text of he opponent. This is technical bug with inundestanding
> >> aftereffect.
> CS> Stas. I replied to another on the IPV6. This was then quoted by one
> CS> who adds initials and quoted a 3rd time in your reply.
> The quote prefix MUST be /^[[:blank:]]*[[:alnum:]]*>+^[[:blank:]]*/

That is from the proposal right? It's not universal nor have we told all
fidonet sytems to stop quoting messages over an editor that doesnt use that
proposal standard.

The default SBBS editor is not proposal 0032 compliant either. Should we
tell all SBBS sysops they have to change software over a proposal that is not
a required standard? I think NOT.

Granted SBBS can use almost any editor so any one that works for the user's
needs is there.

> CS> Not all quoting software adds initials. Some wraps the text of
> CS> others. My 'international' word was wrapped by another who quoted
> CS> me. You can see that from the > markers.
> It was your editor which adds " > " in front of " YZ> " instead of simply
> increasing the quote level (" YZ>> "Wink. This _does_ _not_ conform to common
> practice, and thus is annoying.

Your version of 'common practice' is apparently local to your area of the

My quote editor just adds a > and a space. Yours adds CS> and when I quote
you quoting me you get > CS>

It is not that hard to figure out is it? If it helps any, when i started out
we didnt have automated quote headers and you had to add them then you
started to see > added. Much later you got initials.

> CS> fewer softwares in use now. BBS quoting is much like mine.
> All known BBSes which produce more than 1000 messages per day use FSC-0032
> quoting style.

Please list which ones you mean.

> CS> Wanna fix it? Come out with a freeware program that works for almost
> CS> every software and has a fast easy cut-n-paste from text to a message
> CS> like I need for my cooking echo.
> Stas is the maintainer of the Golded.
> Using it, you may paste text into your message as easy as:

I have no problem with golded. It's a fine software but not my choice.

> CS> If you have one like that, feel free to suggest it if diocumentation
> CS> is in english. If not, dont sweat it that others use other versions.
> Documentation is available both in English and (of course) Russian. Also,
> example configuration files are almost self-explaining:

So after some snips, you will only stop beating up on me if i swap to golded?
Is that really what you meant to say or was that a translation problem? I'm
totally ok if it is an english to your language issue and you did not know
hat this came off as more than a little 'unfriendly' and very 'pushy' because
when working across languages, that can easily happen by accident. No harm fe
lt here if that is all it is.

> CS> Personally, I am utterly tired of the debate on what softwares quote
> CS> in a way that others want them to. Mayjor :yawm: factor here after
> CS> being beaten up over it from 2001.
> Yes, showing your incompetence (including the unability to set up modern
> software) is much easier than learning something new...

Why thank you for calling me an idiot. Really appreciate that. I am willing
though to assume much of what is happening here is at least possibly a
language differnce. Knowing just the words doesnt always show you how they
come over to the other side when it's a second language.

English native speakers, please hold off. I highly suspect he has no CLUE how
the words added up to be insulting. Do not use this to vote against him as
he's trying to express something he feels strongly about but to me, is
selecting words that 'work' but unaware how they come over.

> CS> Shall we close this quoting thread? Basically everyone needs to have
> CS> a clue when you see >> that there was another.
> Don't tell anything on behalf of everyone unless you can prove that.

If the folks you talk to can not figure ot that > is a qote and >> is a
double quote then I do not know how to make it simpler. You are not dumb by
any means. I am sure you get it. It is not your desired type though.

> CS> This isnt rocket science. It's not even remotely new.
> Yes, the rocket science is much easier... Been there, checked that, got the
> (already expired) prohibition to leave the country for 10 years.

Grin! Love ya dude!

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