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From: Alexey Vissarionov (2:5020/545)
To: All
Date: Wed, 28.11.12 11:36
Good ${greeting_time}, mark!

27 Nov 2012 10:23:48, you wrote to me:

>>>> >> We do not support IPv6 in the phone number field, do we? Smile
>>>> CS> There is no inherent reason not to. The field by definition was
>>>> CS> longer to support the needs of some countries where the
>>>> international
AV>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
AV>>> This wasn't written by me!
ml>> then you need to fix your quote reflowing...
AV>> It works, so it doesn't need fixing.
ml> interesting... i remember xxcarol and numerous others telling you the
ml> very same thing when you were going on and on and on and on about her
ml> software's quoting... how's it feel to be on the other side of the
ml> fence now? ;)

I performed some accounting, and out of 4300 messages passed via my node over
3000 were written using the same editor (guess which), about 1000 were posted
from NNTP and HTTP BBSes, and only about 200 or so were written using exotic

AV>> JFYI: quote prefix must not contain spaces.
ml> your quote prefix has spaces... at least one on the lead... plus
ml> we're not talking about your quote prefix, we're talking about the
ml> software you use being able to recoginze existing quote prefixes
ml> and properly reflow them with the quoted text... this problem resides
ml> on YOUR end not the sender's end...

This software uses the FSC-0032 approach thus making it the common practice.

Alexey V. Vissarionov aka Gremlin from Kremlin!gremlin; +vii-cmiii-ccxxix-lxxix-xlii

... god@universe:~ # cvs up && make world
--- /bin/vi
* Origin: (2:5020/545)


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