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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12.42)
To: All
Date: Sun, 25.11.12 21:25
Your motivation to stay in de FTSC
ml> by you saying what you did, you have confirmed at
ml> least one leak as well as basically pointing it out...
WD> So ... there's a leak ... big deal. I know of 3 leaks, possibly 4
WD> plus point-access is untraceable.

yes, we know of the dirty tricks used... that you talk knowingly of them should
also open others' eyes as to the honesty factor but that, too, is not germain
to the current selection process that this echo's postings should be

ml> your RC is the only one that you should be speaking to since he is the
ml> only one representing you IF representative voting is used... many places
ml> do not and it is not mandated...
WD> Ahaaaaaaa ... so weighing the votes compared to the size of a zone
WD> 'IS' acceptable ... ;-)

no... not on a weighted scale as you attempted to use /after/ the IC selection
process... "representative" as in the RCs are taking note of their
constituients' opinions... the question is how many of their constituients are
actually concerned and willing to voice their opinions...

and let's also not forget that the FTSC is a technical body... as such, one's
technical knowledge of fidonet operations should be highest on everyone's
list... everyone currently on the FTSC has excellent understandings of the
technical nature of the network, why operations are the way they are as well as
understanding the need to retain backwards compatibilities as well as being
able to move forward and bring new technologies to fidonet...


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