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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
To: All
Date: Sun, 25.11.12 19:30
Your motivation to stay in de FTSC
On 29 Jan 37 15:11, Carol Shenkenberger wrote to Roy Witt:

>> >>> I'm doubting your motivation to be a part of the FTSC. I read the
>> >>> following in Z1C:
>> >> that echo is restricted to Z1 sysops and invitees... you are not a
>> >> Z1 sysop or an invitee...
>> JK> Exactly... what a low-life.
>> He's a Dossche shill, no surprise there.

CS> Well I guess I can count you out of voting for me after this but the
CS> hell with it.

I CAN'T vote for or against you, only suggest to my RC who should be
supported and who shouldn't. As it turned out the last two times there was
an FTSC election, RC19 didn't vote.

CS> I LIKE Ward and Bjorn Felten as people.

I don't mind either one, as long as they're not bashing Z1's countries.

CS> I LIKE alexy and Alexey (hope i got that right).

He reminds me of some people I knew in the FLAME echo, always knocking
others and never a kind word for anyone who doesn't care for his methods,
kinda like I was 20 years ago.

CS> ALL of them bitch at me for something or other but it doesnt matter.

It does matter, when and if you're offended by them.

CS> Read and comprehend what the person is saying.

Like implying by copying something posted elsewhere, rather than asking a
question outright? I think not.

CS> BTW, Z2 will hate me for this but i like you too!

Unfortunately, that doesn't make me feel any better about our personal
relationship. I can't stand your cooking and wouldn't eat it if you tied
me to a chair and force fed it to me. 8^)

CS> The key issue in reality is one Williford (sp?Wink didnt ask. Who is
CS> capable of working with others to produce something regardless of
CS> personality or angst that may be there between members.

I know, but that isn't how the person he was shilling for would do it.

CS> Some of us shine at that. I would like to say i am one of them but
CS> with something like close to 20 years in the FTSC, I have not always
CS> shined. As you know, it takes a good bit to get my goat but they've
CS> pressed that more than once with a pile drive on me over software.

Yeah, like your insistance in using software that doesn't quote properly.
Been there and watched that. 8^)

CS> In the heyday of Michael vs xxcarol wars, I was working to implement
CS> the modem reduction code he sent me. Thats me. If the rest of you
CS> you do not like me, so be it.

Be careful how you spell Michiel...he has a problem with someone spelling
his name as you have above.

CS> I am not and never will be 'one zone has it best' and instead listen
CS> well to all folks and do my best to balance it.

Too bad that the denizens of Z2 can't do that.

CS> Wiliford (sp?Wink what do I do most? Balance it all. Most of your FTSC
CS> members know only their own zone. You may know only your own? I've
CS> done my damndest to learn all zones, sadly now just 4.

And tried to revive one, as I recall.

CS> Love me or not. Thats your call.

I love redheads and you're no exception. That's a weakness of mine.


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