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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sun, 25.11.12 14:32
Questions for the candidates
> Good ${greeting_time}, Carol!
> 21 Nov 2012 22:29:28, you wrote to Wilfred van Velzen:
> >> 5) What contributions to the ftsc generated documentation did you make
> >> in th last 2 years of your membership. Or if you didn't make any
> >> contributions to documentation, what did you contribute?
> CS> -Unpublished- came up again. We still do not document it right.
> CS> Defacto standard of 000-0-0-0-0 not documented yet when we had 6
> CS> zones, it was defacto standard for 3 of them.
> If something may be called a de facto standard, that's 00-00-000000:
> gremlin@hren:~ > grep 000-0-0-0-0 < ~/fido/etc/nodelist.ndl | wc -l
> 264
> gremlin@hren:~ > grep 00-00-000000 < ~/fido/etc/nodelist.ndl | wc -l
> 510
> And 406 of those 510 may be changed to -Unpublished- in a couple of days.

Key point Alexey is the 000-0-0-0-0 ones are within guidelines allowed by
their respective zones. The others probably are not.

Listing ION's has always been problematic and especially in Z2 and Z3. It's
phone codes for almost everyone someplace. Best workaround that has been
implemented was to take a completely blockable KNOWN set and teach folks to
block it.

Dunno when you came into Fidonet but when I came in, that was a know thing
and a big warning on every modem sold that you had to take care in dialing
any emergency number.

000 is an emergeny number in Z3 (mainland I think, not NZ? Not sure though).
The Russian pattern is no better for them and makes only a second set to
block for Z3 sysops still dialing out. If it were genuinely applied there in
Z2, then it needs only be documented along with the existing standard as an

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