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From: Richard Webb (1:116/901)
To: All
Date: Sat, 24.11.12 20:33
Your motivation to stay in de FTSC
Hello Ward,

On Sat 2012-Nov-24 18:20, Ward Dossche (2:292/854) wrote to mark lewis:

ml> that echo is restricted to Z1 sysops and invitees... you are not a Z1
ml> sysop or an invitee...

WD> If one wants to keep something out of view from unintended
WD> individuals, then posting it in an echomailforum is not a bright
WD> idea.

Essentially correct. HOwever, one other point needs

An article I caused to be posted a little over a year ago
discussed how Fidonet, and usenet as well is mainly governed and operated by
'gentlemens' agreements" between various

One of those "gentlemens' agreements" has always been that
carriers and routers of echomail honored the restrictions of carriage and other
rules as promulgated by said moderator.
Making an echo available where it can be then fed to a web
site is a violation of said agreement. Janis's only
recourse, if she has any is to pursue usual avenues of
redress, if she can find who the guilty party is. Those are some pretty big
"ifs" you might say.

Hence, as I understand it (Janis may wish to clarify this in echo rules) but
the z1c echo is to be available to
nodelisted sysops in z1 only. Which means, for the most
part it shouldn't be available to bbs users, points unless
said point is operated by the nodelisted sysop, etc.

WD> Therefor by using echomail Fred Riccio, with whom I have no cause,
WD> "knew" the potential consequence ... I'm pretty certain about that.

A valid point as well.

* Origin: (1:116/901)


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