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From: Herman Neut (2:280/1141)
To: All
Date: Sat, 24.11.12 12:37
Your motivation to stay in de FTSC
Hi Niels,

Quoting: Niels Joncheere to Janis Kracht
Date/Time: 24-Nov-12 / 08:51:36
Subject: Your motivation to stay in de FTSC

NJ> On Friday November 23 2012 at 20:22, you wrote to mark lewis:

>>> that echo is restricted to Z1 sysops and invitees... you are not a
>>> Z1 sysop or an invitee...

JK>> Exactly... what a low-life.

NJ> IMHO, Wilfred is the only one trying to get a constructive
NJ> discussion going in this area regarding the motivations and
NJ> contributions of the FTSC candidates. Luckily, many candidates
NJ> have already seen this for the positive thing it is, and responded
NJ> to the questions. When it turns out one of the candidates is not
NJ> participating, it seems quite logical to me to do a quick web
NJ> search for information regarding that candidate. To disregard the
NJ> information you find because it is supposedly not intended for
NJ> public viewing would be quite illogical, especially if that
NJ> information turns out to be incriminating. And to then call the
NJ> person doing all this effort "a low-life" is beyond all sense of
NJ> shame. The fact that this was posted in one echo or another is
NJ> not at issue here, the fact that an FTSC candidate publicly admits
NJ> he is not interested in the FTSC and only joins for political
NJ> reasons is

I agree with you, Niels!
Wilfred knows very good he is doing. I bet he knows more about FTSC than some

NJ> Kind regards, Niels

Have "Een Pint" !

Best Regards,
Herman Neut

Skype: herman_neut

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