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From: Wilfred van Velzen (2:280/464.112)
To: All
Date: Fri, 23.11.12 13:01
Your motivation to stay in de FTSC
Hi Fred,

I'm doubting your motivation to be a part of the FTSC. I read the following in

> From: Fre Riccio
> To: Nicholas Boel
> Date: 10-28-2012 8:25AM
> Subject: Re: ftsc was end of zone 5
> 27 Oct 12 22:10, Nicholas Boel wrote to Fred Riccio:
> FR>> I was caught sleeping, but thanks to a NetMail from Janis, I'm
> FR>> awake now. I have replied to Michiel in FTSC. I'm willing to run
> FR>> again.
> NB> Why would you run again if you aren't paying attention in the first
> NB> place?
> To make sure that Zone 2 has a voice.
> [Typo. Should have been zone 1]
> Not much goes on in FTSC. There hasen't been significant issues since I
> was first elected in 2004. It is common for a month to go by without
> even 1 message in the private FTSC echo. I had gotton out of the habit
> of reading it (and several other echos).

So your not interested in what goes on in the FTSC. And your motivation to stay
in is political. That's not what the FTSC is about!

I suggest you withdraw your candidacy!


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