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From: Wilfred van Velzen (2:280/464)
To: All
Date: Sun, 11.11.12 01:09

Not to distract from the election ;), but my eye fell om the last part of

B. History

Rev.1, 19990627: Initial Release. Principal Author David Hallford
Rev.2, 20000424: Re-draft by Gino Lucrezi, with input from others,
especially Andreas Klein. Major changes:
- notes on parsing line 1
- baud rate
- different use of fields for IP nodes
- notes to developers and maintainers
- notes on pointlists
- notes on line and field limits
- revised definition of "Hold" nodes.
- clarification on hub node numbers
- clarification on point phone numbers
- clarification on the former "speed" field
Rev.2, 20040817: Re-re-draft by FTSC.
- Added Introduction and Segments sections.
- More allowances for IP listings.
- Reorganised/reindexed Content section.
- Added length limits to fields where they could
be determined.
- clarification on usage of Keywords.
- clarification on special node numbers.
- ZCs authorise that ZIP is now the default
archival/compression tool for distributed files.

Why are there 2 'Rev.2''s?

Bye, Wilfred.

--- FMail-W32-1.64-B20111120
* Origin: Amiga Offline BBS Lisse (2:280/464)


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