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From: Richard Webb (1:116/901)
To: All
Date: Mon, 24.09.12 18:33
jNode Project
Hi Roy,

On Sun 2012-Sep-23 16:15, Roy Witt (1:387/22) wrote to Richard Webb:

Roy>> Especially if there's a need for such a blast...I can call upon
Roy>> Brent for a re-hash if you like. I think he's still in contact with
Roy>> his good old ex-partner for a back up...not having a session
Roy>> password at a certain node in sveden would be the proper test site
Roy>> for that.

RW> Dig it! I'm sure he could "git 'r done."
RW> IN fact, sure he could. My granddad's family was from the
RW> mOberly area in fact.

Yep, my dad's dad was from around there.

Roy> Session passwords and secure packets aren't a way to stop DOS, It's
Roy> how many sessions one allows at a time and how many DOS computers
Roy> are used in an attempt to breach that setting. Even if there's a
Roy> handshake password required, the target system will be working
Roy> overtime in an attempt to shut out all unwanted session requests.
Roy> Brent and Geno would have a field day with that.

I'm sure they would. I know in the past they were able, in
the pots days during all the ramming to get it done because
of unsecured links however. Iirc there were a couple of
folks in net 283 who said there were attempts to infiltrate
their systems back then. HOwever, they password protected
all their echomail links.

* Origin: (1:116/901)


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