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From: Ivan Agarkov (2:5020/849)
To: All
Date: Mon, 24.09.12 04:53
jNode Project
Hello, mark!

mark lewis wrote Ivan Agarkov at 16:41 23 ᥭ 12

ML> *Cs won't like this above logic... new nodes may use an address not in
ML> the nodelist... possibly from an othernet, even... not all nets list
ML> the 999 node (or 9999 as some mistakenly think) and what do you use
ML> for the -1 node that policy also talks about? is that based on a
ML> signed 16bit integer, signed 32bit integer, signed 64bit integer, etc?

A. New nodes MUST NOT use assigned address until it listed in new nodelist.
B. Sysop MUST have the newest nodelist.
Correct? ;)
For -1/-1 or smth like this - just add this node to `known` Smile

ML> don't reject any connection unless the password is wrong... maybe
ML> reject if there are too many failed attempts within X amount of time
ML> and then maybe reject for only Y time period...

Btw, you are responsible for all traffic outgoing from your node.
Some netmail storm... And say goodbye to Fidonet.
It looks crazy, but hostility is still exists, isnt it?

ML> above will be of some help or not... ;)

Thanks for your comment. Discussio mater veritas est Smile

Best wishes, Ivan.
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