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From: Michiel van der Vlist (2:280/5555)
To: All
Date: Wed, 24.08.11 12:02
Error in the your node
Hello mark,

On Tuesday August 23 2011 10:56, you wrote to me:

MvdV>> That does not solve the problem. Each node in a fully connected
MvdV>> polygon is still a SPOF.

ml> really? if they are fully connected, then all the other nodes would
ml> still be passing the traffic and only the nodes downstream from the
ml> one would be affected...

So for THEM it is a SPOF.

ml> that is not a SPOF for the distribution system...

Nothing ever is. SPOF's only affect part of the distribution.

ml> in a three system FCP, all three systems would have to go down to
ml> fully break the distribution system

If Ward's system goes down, it does not fully break the distribution system. It
only isolated some systems that connect through him from some others that
connect through him. Same as with the NAB stars.

ml> but even then, there's not a SPOF...

A SPOF is not something that breaks the ENTIRE distribution system. A SPOF is a
point that when it breaks, SOME parts of the network are affected.

In FidoNet every point in the distribution is a SPOF. That is the design flaw
in FidoNet. Compare it to the packet switched internet. If a node goes down,
the packets automatically take another route. No SPOF.

FidoNet has no automatic rerouting. Hence SPOF's everywhere.

ml>> i would have thought that surely Z2 does the same...

MvdV>> What makes you think we do not?

ml> no one has even mentioned it, for one thing...

So what is not mentioned does not exist? Strange way of thinking.

Cheers, Michiel

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