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From: Doug Connor (1:132/500)
To: n/a
Date: Tue, 23.06.09 23:50
Earl Truss -> Doug Connor wrote:
MM>> Does anybody have a formula for calculating 'humidex' ?

MM>>> The weather people down here don't use it, despite Auckland
MM>>> having one of the worst humidity situations in the world.

MM>>> It'd be useful to extend their forecasts with a projected
MM>>> 'humidex'....

MM>>> Thoughts ?

DC>> I would think it should be tied in with the "wind chill" index they
ET> use.

ET> Our TV weather reports in the Midwest US do include a "heat index" which
ET> is what I think you are talking about. They give the actual temperature
ET> and then a temperature that "it feels like" which includes an adjustment
ET> for the relative humidity.

Yes I believe thats the ticket Smile

hehe as I sit here with the door open, It's around 70*F here.
It seems a little warmer as the humidity is about 60% (rained today).

Are you in the Hot zone over there?

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