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From: Sergey Sokoloff (2:5063/88)
To: All
Date: Sat, 22.09.12 20:09
Russian encodings in current use
And about 09:10 16 Sep 12 it was written from Maurice Kinal to Sergey Sokoloff:

SS>> CP866 encoding was MS DOS standard

MK> Not surprising. Seems to me that older versions of DOS in your part of
MK> the world were using something else. I recall reading somewhere about
MK> bugs of some sort with cp866 and DOS. I haven't used DOS in ages so I
MK> really don't know for sure.

There was some GOST encoding for DOS, the Russian Cyrillic letters was
a continuous block of high ASCII, but that required the codes of pseudographic
characters to be different from Western standards and prevented many popular
Western software from looking good. Consequently that standard was dropped
in favour of so called alternative GOST which in turn became Microsoft's CP866
after a small set of differences, mainly in the F0...FF characters IIRC.

SS>> I've heard that some non-Unicode Linux console applications use
SS>> KOI-8 for historical reasons, but I've never encountered that
SS>> myself.

MK> It wasn't too long ago that most, if indeed not all, of the Russian sites
MK> I ran across were all using koi8-r. Now they all seem to have taken the
MK> plunge into utf-8 but that might be due to autdetection of browser
MK> capabilities and then doing conversion on-the-fly. They appear to be
MK> doing a much better job of word wrapping than the North American sites
MK> from what I've observed thus far.

Interesting. What exactly is worse with the North American sites' word

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