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From: Sergey Sokoloff (2:5063/88)
To: All
Date: Fri, 14.09.12 16:06
the web site
And about 02:53 13 Sep 12 it was written from Maurice Kinal to Konstantin

KK>> majority of fidonet users are russians and CP866 is most used
KK>> codepage nowadays

MK> That is more of an excuse than a reason. Most of the Russian sites I've
MK> run across lately are defaulting to utf-8 these days and prior to that was
MK> usually koi8-r rather than cp866.

Of course they are. Majority of CP866 in Russia in purely a Fidonet phenomenon,
and the sites you visited were web sites. That's like defaulted to
read Fidonet messages as CP866 (unless CHRS-specified otherwise) until recently
but presented them as UTF-8 in the Web.

With best Fidonet 2.0 regards,
Mithgol the Webmaster.

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