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From: Sergey Sokoloff (2:5063/88)
To: All
Date: Mon, 30.07.12 09:21
Conversion from CP437 to UTF-8 on the web site
And about 09:39 26 Jun 12 it was written from Maurice Kinal to Dale Shipp:

MK> No surprise about that here. However check out;


MK> and


MK> Those are both the same as the ones you report as readable other than the
MK> web sites and both show up as CP437 encoded in their headers. I am a tad
MK> skeptical about that since they view excellent on a pure utf-8 browser but
MK> that might be because there are Russian systems that know what they are
MK> doing and can convert on-the-fly.

MK> I am EXTREMELY curious to find out what you see there regarding those
MK> messages. It may turn out that your browser is actually CP1252 which
MK> wouldn't surprise me any but we'll see.

Check this out to see the kludges:

Those two messages are marked as 'CHRS: CP437' (the first) and 'CHRS: CP437 2'
(the second) by kludges in their headers. However, the converts
both of them to UTF-8 for display, and both of the web pages are served with
the 'Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8' header by the web server; they
also both contain the equivalent HTML tag:

After that the web browser does not matter as long as it understands UTF-8.
And that's a good thing, because most web browsers are familiar with UTF-8.

With best Fidonet 2.0 regards,
Mithgol the Webmaster.

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