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From: Joe Delahaye (1:249/303)
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Date: Sun, 21.08.11 12:04
Error in the your no
Re: Error in the your no
By: Michiel van der Vlist to Ross Cassell on Sat Aug 20 2011 13:07:07

> FidoNews:

> flame war to deomonstrate "the need for active moderation". But you did not
> make the mistake of calling for an election. Too much risk of losing again.
> So you just made it a coup.

Michiel. His constant insults, to Bob Bashe (yes UI know he defended himself),
and his constant digs in almost every message is what created that flame war.
You might say his style of moderating is responsible. Apparently his version
of the European style of 'moderating' does not work.

Yes, several on this side of the pond fanned the flames, and quite hard. It is
not just a one sided affair. I will state again, I do not agree with what has

moderator, and not joined in the flame fest himself.
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